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The Evil Dead

Following their desires

into the grave,

death takes them away 

from their evil


Souls that choose to be lost,

living in their flesh,

afflicting pain on those who believe

persecuting the righteous for gain 


Power over truth,

sacrificing their flesh to be dead,
living lies cut off from god,

Doing more harm than good 


Farther and farther into the abyss

they draw closer to their end,

pollutiing the world with their rot

shedding innocent blood for their idols



Evil for evils sake

no care of consequence

only the infernal desire that has warped their minds

to do what is detestable 



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The Breath of His Life

Even in a family

there is no unity


There are wheat and

there are tares


Christ brings division,

the truth offends the wicked


Some will live

and some die


He breathes

his words into our souls 


In him our hope is 



Into the ground of 

our minds



God Will Avenge Us

My brothers 

and sisters in Christ 


Endure the daily and 

habitual harassment all around the globe


At the hands of these 

evil Masonic traitorous world governments 


Hell bent on our demise 

and insanity, playing their games


But god sees all their iniquity

and they will pay dearly 


He who is good 

will not stand for their atrocities against us


He will repay

because he is the lord


He sees all

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Evil follows me,

I cry out to god for help,

evil stalks me,


I want to be free,

this life burdens me,

fear torments me




shadow lingers






At the mercy

of god


Surrounded by evil 

like a cloud of smoke



mind games


Knowhere I feel 



I request sanctuary for my soul:

give me peace 


A world of



It feels like 



Is there no 



Where can I go

that I'm not followed?


Where is the sanctuary?

where is the rest for a weary soul?


Going insane,

tired of their mind games

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Corn Fungus

The black fungus 

grows upon the corn 


Taking it over,

possessing it's nature


Like a virus its spread 

covering the yellow


Left is a black mishapen



Corrupted and damned 

to the trash 


Some will eat and

some will throw it away


Judgement is reserved for the 

the harvester



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Matthew 17:18-20 KJV

18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

19 Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.

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The Fire In My Soul Burns

Vengeance held 



Fire in soul




in eyes 


Ill will towards

the enemy


Turn other



Hold in hate,

my soul feels raped 


Try to let go of the rage

and ignore the harassment 


"Avenge not yourselves 

but give place unto wrath"


"For it is written, vengeance is mine;

I will repay saith the lord"


I listen patiently to the word,

hoping one day my enemies will reap what they sow


Holding back the hate,

trying to live my life 





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Repent Of Your Sins

Rise from the grave,

speak no more lies,

repent of your ways


Open your eyes to a world below.

Do you want to go to hell?

Are you ready to burn in your soul?


Speak no more lies,

remove the thorn from your own eye,

repent of your ways 


This is not a game

but not all can be wise 

and not die


Some will sin 

without restraint

never repenting of their ways 


How can you escape the fires of hell

when your always playing both sides ?


Foresake your ungodly ways,

speak no more lies



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The Vampires

The Devils get offended to easily by 

the truth 


They are sore losers 

that can't see what is below their feet


The Fires of hell long to burn

for their wicked souls 


Their cursed bloodline

bares no fruit


Tares of Canaan,

servants of Baal I see your demise


Let the vengeance of hell

drag them down 


The curse of the mark

upon their flesh 


Jesus said "ye shall know

them by their fruits"


Barren wasteland of their souls,

rebels without a cause 


Children of the snake 

begone from my sight 


Ye vampires burn in the sun of the truth,

Jesus is your kryptonite 


No good comes from evil,

no truth from lies


Born from darkness 

return to darkness


People of the night,

you cannot stand the light 


From your father you spawn 

to the him you return

In the end all weeds

are burned  


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No Escaping God

Cowards worship the devil

throwing up the horns,


Hide behind your laws

but they won't protect you from god


You wont get away

you won't escape eternity 


The lord is just,

he sees all your lies and filth 


There is no escape from the one,

he is retribution 


Before the world

he was and is and always will be


You can repent or you

can perish


His words are set in stone,

what you reap is what you sow,


He is the judge, jury

and executioner 


He is god


No man made laws protect you 

from his wrath


You cannot bargain your way out hell

you cannot buy your way to heaven 










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