Why I hate thee

I hate how much I like you; and how you make me feel

I hate the way you treat me; and how what we haves not real

I hate how every night; you creep into my dreams

I hate the fact that I can’t shake; your essence from my being

I hate how when you touch me; my heart begins to race

I hate how just a text can fix the sad look on my face

I hate how now constantly; you are on my brain

I hate the curse of knowing; you don’t feel the same

I hate the foolish fantasy; we would ever date

I hate the way I thought; me meeting you was fate

I hate your stupid wit; and your charming smile

I hate how seeing you, makes my time spent there worth while

And the thing that sucks the most; what I hate most of all

Is even with this knowledge; I’d never miss your call….



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