The Silent Blues




I know you hate me, I know you do,

I’m not even offered a chance at the truth

You pass me by day to day,

With barely a glance headed my way,

I know I should accept, your hate and your hand

At least your willing, to still be my friend

But I’m aching inside and I can’t sleep at night

Because I unintentionally forced a goodbye        

Maybe I’m exaggerating the memory of your warmth

Perhaps I’m overthinking the time in your arms

And though I understood, we were in a sinking canoe

I was really enjoying the decline with you

At least I can say you’ve returned my voice

I don’t want this to end, but it’s not my choice

So I’ll pass you by daily with just a wave

Satisfied just to see your face

Though it hurts to see you walk away

Knowing we will never again have our secret place

You told me to drop it, it’s dead to you

And this is why I’m writing my silent blues





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I lost my voice for some time, this guy helped me to get it back....but I dont know what to say to get back on track with him :( so for now ill just be silent and hope he talks/ text me...for as long as I care at least

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