my ode entitled 'dice are loaded'

current affairs

The dice are loaded


Been exploring the higher realms

Loads of my truth to tell

Been travelling through black holes

Seeing another self’s abode

Living in the middle of nature

At one with the creator

Visiting angels; godhead too

Love all of them like all of you


But Ying, yang, dark everywhere

Should prevent a devil may care

Attitude to human or entity

Or it should do really

But when you hear what I got to say

You too might start playing with your clay

Cos ying yang in the higher realms

Like poker, has a great big tell


I found out the other day about

Voting rites take away any doubt

That the light won’t win these days

The dice are loaded anyway

The divines dooers; angelic realms

The other day found out the tell

Every angel is 51% light

Which trumps the darks voting rights


I feel sorry for the fallen ones

Angels I mean; they should be glum

They chose a side that cannot win

They chose also unnecessary suffering

Id like to see the fallen rise again

But I’m oblivious to the suffering

That has been caused by the dark realms

Generating individual personal hell


This age of Aquarius where it will show

Can you feel the love and light grow?

The energy is spectacular in these days

I toast the lights future days

And all the cosmic craft taking a bow

Only one word for it WOW

Honoured to be sharing this time with you

And dark cant stand the light: True