my ode entitled LIVE YOUR LIFE


Live your life in a state of bliss
Exemplified by the wonder of a kiss
Don’t let the dark drag you down
A smile permanently kills any frown

Live your life full of gladness
And give the elbow to any sadness
Every cloud has a silver lining
Especially when the sun is shining

Fill your life full of glee
Then you raise your frequency
To that more suited to you
Which automatically chases away the blues

Live your life full of joy
Like a child with a new toy
Even when things don’t go right
Living with joy makes the future bright

Every minute pervade love
And give thanks to your god above
Bless everywhere you go too
Because the power of god is also in you

Every second of the day be happy
Instantly dissolves any negativity
No dark can stand any light
So be a beacon and shine bright

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