My Flower

You are my little flower;

And I your shining Sun.

Although it’s time for a shower,

You are still the only one.


Our time has been cut short;

But the roots still run deep.

And as a last resort,

I will carry you forever in my sleep.


Alas, this is not the end,

As all flowers need the Sun.

They are like best friends,

And their time is never done.


So farewell for now my flower,

Continue your beautiful bloom.

Look beyond the long shower,

Until you are again in my room.


This sun will continue to shine,

For you from afar.

You will always be mine,

And I’ll be your North Star.


You are my beautiful Flower,

And I your loving Sun.

This fruit will never sour,

As our love is far from done.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem has been written for my girlfriend who is going travelling for two years. It reflects my feelings and emotions towards the situation, outlining that our love will never die despite us having to part ways for a little while.

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Your true sentiment shines through.

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Thank you! :)

Thank you! :)

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Love & Distance

It is so nice to receive a poem written by one who loves you. Send lots of poems - keep that flower fertilized - Just Bein' Stella.