You took a careful man’s
careless daughter and made her
want to have a husband
and to have his kids.
Not look back at her

mistakes and flaws. Just
because you have always known
them and you know I wont make
them again. Because with you I’ve
flown so high. I’ve always known

that somewhere out there
there was a guy for me.
It’s just too bad I didn’t
look right in front of me.
but I am now, you know what I see?

I see the man who has always
been mine but never had the courage to
admit what he felt for me.
Now I know and am holding
tight. But now am I holding to

damned tight? Or do you
want me to hold this tight?
Well all I know is what it
does feel so damned right.
It just feels so god damned right.

I love you and that’s all
I really know. I just need
you here with me. Right here.
Can’t you see that I’m drowning?
In all this blood, I do bleed,

Every second since we talked last
And I just know that I am drowning fast
In the blood and tears and shame
I have been feeling, but that all because
I haven’t talked to you. I know it wont last

but that wont keep me from feeling
just like I am. Just like this,
because I know this is how
I’m gonna feel until you get
here in my arms, then it will be bliss.

Written on
April 12, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written to Brian Marshall. I know I took his name like I said I never would but hes got me so damn wrapped up in him that it just feels right. The idea and part of the poem came from a song by Taylor Swift. But she actually says in the song, "You took a carless mans carful daughter."

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