I kept on looking, wondering

Who could love me

I finally got to a point

Where I figured it wouldn’t be


I don’t know how or why

I finally got to that point

I just figured I would

Just stay in this joint


Of being here and believing that

Maybe I wasn’t ever to find love

That’s when I finally woke up

Felt like someone had given me a shove


Because I realized you were always there

And just waiting for me to speak up

So I finally did, 11 years later

That’s when I finally spoke up


And said what I feel

Just hoping against hope

That you would feel the same way

That’s when I put myself on that rope


And just jumped wondering and hoping

That you would be there to catch me

And I found to my amazement that

You have always felt that way for me


So we began dating that night

I still feel like I’m flying so damn high

Even though it’s been days and nights

So now I know, is all that’s left for us is to try


Even though at this moment you’re so far

I know that in a few months you’ll come to me

And that’s when we can finally

Be just who we wanted to be



Written on

March 10, 2011

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written about my current boyfriend. He seems to have become a muse for me.

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Good poem. I hope yall two

Good poem. I hope yall two work out.