Fortunate Child


Fortunate child,

born wonderment to a mother’s grace
Heavenly smiles,

reflections mimic each parent’s face
Image formed,

given to likeness of the Creator’s mold

Mirroring style,

portrays your destine in future’s hold


Fortunate child,

slumbered hush caresses bundled joy

Bassinet chimes,

musical tones from a key wound toy
Blanketed lull,

blessed with dreams for tomorrow’s sake

Serenade score,

peacefully plays till eyes come to wake


Fortunate child,

years pass unnoticed throughout your days
Awaited dreams,

forged perfections clinging to wishful ways
Tearfully mourned,

hopes placed to wayside go unseen

Intensely grasp,

lay no misfortune upon a silver sheen


Fortunate child,

purity of heart will present your fate

Passionately seek,

shun the villainy as longed fortunes wait
Forever trust,

give voice to Heaven in solemn prayer
Gracefully bow,

earnest whispers delivered to Father’s care


© C.E. Vance


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just another handful of words.

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bishu's picture

Make my wight = 8 lbs

Make my wight = 8 lbs so that I could be the child in my mom's arms carried to any direction my dainty fingers point to !! I like your words "forged perfections" and earlier "creators mould" What a mould that must have been which is still making babies !!!!! (On the lighter side of course) Good write up.



cevance's picture

Thank you, Bishu. This is as

Thank you, Bishu. This is as I imagine things to be.

bishu's picture

Cevance -- I am happy I got the hang of your poem

Cevance -- I am happy I got the hang of your poem.