Azure Eyes

Beneath the blue,
in faraway,
a castle made of glass;
Fashioned within,
fragile shards,
glimmer lost in time

From windowed heaven,
sharing the color-
of transfixed eyes,
Brings distant view,
to surroundings-
glimpsed outside

Clinging to slivers,
pieces of life,
behind structure's walls
Founded in sorrow,
a parting love,
long passed by

In open skies,
once alighted dreams,
shrouds day with night;
Stars in backdrop,
fade to ebon,
hide presence from sight

Alone to self,
entrance denied-
to all approaching near
Focus of thought,
dwelling in shattered-
bits you find

Through azure eyes,
always the world,
only you see
Beneath the blue,
so far away,
hidden in a castle of glass

© C.E.Vance

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