The First Step Is Done

    The first step is done

     Our eyes have met, my heart is song

      Shall I do, or will she go? I'd like to say

       But I... I don't know


       It just that is hard

      It's hard to express

     Don't know if I'll do

    Or if I'll simply mess


    Her hair is so dark

     And the lips are so bright

      I'm not that daltonian

       I note the contrast


       Uhm, what if I

      Stay here and hear

     The same love song?

    Monotony, dear


    But, what if I

     Sit at her side

      Ask her name

       And give her a smile?


       That wouldn't work

      Sounds so cliché

     She could slap me

    Right in the face


    And I wouldn't like

     To lose the one chance

       My choice is to stay

        And listen her voice


       Her voice in my head

      That I've never heard

     That I hope to hear

    That I never will

    Oh, that one

        That one first step

            The one and only

                 That I've never done...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one after having a nice conversation at the bar of Launchora.

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