Last day of her life

My thoughts of seeing her again clouded visons

in the shadows of my eyes.

Lid on her casket was the last time
I saw her face.

Years passed not forgetting her nor my love for hr

Our hearts meshing together during the last week

of her life hear on this earth.A

Love to others flowed from her soul.

Fifty people all her friends came to say a last goodbye

in that hospital room

Last day of her life; she waited for me

while I went to make sure of her final

resting place.

When I returned I told her I loved her for all time.

fifteen minutes later she was gone.

Now the time has come to reunite

I go to her resting place the spot is opened

Angela all dressed in white reaches out to hug me.

I suddenly am dressed in white too.

Mama she says I came back for you

to take you home and you will never be

alone again.



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I actuall could feel your

I actuall could feel your emotions as I read this this touched my soul My body is filled with spirit bumps thank you for sharing.


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thank you for your kind words

thank you for your kind words