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I am a sweet sensitive powerfully beautiful and enlightened spirit being having a human experience. I am love, and light.

About My Navel

It is a reminder of how a mother nourishes a baby in the womb.

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My purpose is to inspire spirituality and create love, peace and remembrance on this realm and all others. I am exited to find that through my poetry, art and any creative expression I get the opportunity to both share what I have tapped into and share my life experiences and emotions. It also assists me to release and heal from the non-working events of my past, and to celebrate the moments that do. Seems like a win/win. I love music, dancing and singing. I love anything outdoors. I require daily meditation in order to take on the day and keep my center and inner peace. I have never really known particular poetry, I just know when it touches my soul. I am excited to read others and experience a peice of your heart and soul.


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