A Heart Cries

I am an Afgan woman.  I live a world away.

In a war torn land, of burning sand, I speak to you today.

Please take the time to listen.  Please do not turn away.

I am a woman so much like you, and I have some things to say.

Far beneath this Borca, that I am forced to wear,

I weep alone in uncertainty, lonliness, and despair.

I am tired, and I am hungry, with my baby by my side.

We have walked for days to get here, but - there is still no place to hide!

Today, I lost my husband, tomorrow perhaps my son.

He tells us it is in the name of God, dear Lord, what has he done?

I am frightend for my baby.

I am the same as you.

I ask all of the same questions and wonder what to do.

You live in fear of chemicals, and hazzards of his war.

I watch for planes to drop the food, I fear will come no more.

I sit in desperation at this border made of sand, and ask how this can be done in the name of God, when war is caused by man.

The hand of the terorists now have touched you,

as for years now,they have touched me.

I am sorry for your tears that flow, your loss of family.

Remember please this woman, here sitting in the sand.

Please know that I will pray for you, from this far off land.

I am not your enemy, you are not my foe.  We are the hearts of humanity, One God has made it so.

I now must say good-bye to you, there is shooting from the caves.

I just wanted you to understand, my heart cries with yours today.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

After September 11th and all of the tears we shed for the families of lost loved ones, I began to really see the pictures of the Afgan families trying to escape from a country ruled by mad men.  I began to wonder what it would be like to be a woman in that country.  Someone who only wanted to live safely with their family and had no hand in the taking of inocent lives.  I wondered what it would be like to know that you were hated by millions for something you had no hand in.  Thus - A Heart Cries.

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chris's picture

You touched my heart with this one.
Almost brought a tear from my eye.
You are so right in this piece.
Nobody thinks of the innocent people.
All everybody thinks of is the mad men, as you say.

"Today, I lost my husband, tomorrow perhaps my son.
He tells us it is in the name of God, dear Lord, what has he done?"

That line really scteamed at me.

Great job, Lesa.

mwhatim's picture

beauitful .....too many hearts cry in this world
ty for reminding us....perhaps threw awarness things will change
stay safe

Cletus Hardiman's picture

Lesa, this poem is great! I have read it before, and thought I commented on it, but apparenty I did not! So, I'll tell you once again, it is a great piece of work! You have such an ability to write things in a simplistic way such as not to complicate the reader's mind...they don't have to decipher what you are saying! This is the way that I try to write! But, you've succeeded!

Thanks for your efforts! You will be rewarded!

Cletus Hardiman

Tara Reed's picture

WOW~I was touched by this poem more than I thought. I first read it a day ago and I can't get the vision of a woman with her child far away looking to the skies for relief. I feel you have captured her soul. Thanks for the unforgettable poem. ~~Tara

Irockpoker's picture

thank you for bringing meaning to the other side of the world. never really thought of how they would feel to this point of view. such a great perspective to go by....maybe everyone should have to read this before they make more animosity for themselves. thank you once again for this interpritation.


pkpbc1950's picture

WOW ~! Lesa, this is one of the most powerful pieces I've read since the terrible 911 tragedy. If only the news people could relay your words to the world, many people would see and realize the senselessness of it all. Each and every day, I think, I pray, and I wonder why this had to happen. And yes, I feel the pain of Afgan women and children, a pain you so perfectly describe in this poem.

PEACE ON EARTH would be a dream come true!!


Vladimir Andrianov's picture

Very thoughtful!
I was meaning to ask U - how about trying to imagine yourself being in the skin of a Russian woman - there is something to tell...
Best regards from Russia

Lorraine Reutter's picture

Lesa, what a thought provoking poem! It makes one think of the poor innocent people that have nothing to do with terrorism or war that suffer....You did a wonderful job of bringing her to life ...thankyou ...Lorraine...Your may enjoy God Bless America? On my site

Mona Omar's picture

dear lisa your poem is so sad and so true since september 11
all the world started hating each other killing each other
more hatred,more death every day which did not give moslems ,OR americans nothing butmore pain i have wrote apoem about an aphgani girl aya and a british doctor in aphganestan i want you to read please ill post it now

Muhammad Ahmed's picture

This is a beautifully composed inspirational poem depicting the reality of our time. Warlords are making war on the world with money merchants funding them. The innocents are suffering everywhere.
But Allah (God Almighty) the Greatest is also watching. He will wreck all evil in a moment. He is giving a loose rope to the evil ones but once the rope is pulled they will all fall and perish, like Pharoah, Nimrod, Korah, and other tyrants.

Valhjim's picture

What a deeply moving poem—the simple language and direct expressions are charged with such powerful, candid, moving energy that the reader is sincerely touched by the speaker’s despair and devastating plight.

Much of the power of your lines is the way you evoke images of the woman’s experience in simple, strong phrases: “a world torn land,” “burning sand,” a fragile sensible woman beneath a humiliating, dehumanizing “Borca.” This suggestiveness of the images is reinforced by highly emotionally charged words such as “tired,” “hungry,” “weep,” “uncertainty,” “loneliness,” “despair,” which touch a deep chord in the reader's heart, even the more so because, want it or not, everybody around the world feel now threatened in our very lives by fanatical madmen who want to make of this world a living hell.

Thank you for sharing your poetry with us--you create art out of a tragic situation and, by doing so, help us become more sensible and sympathetic towards all suffering people around us.

Genevieve Potgieter's picture

Beautifuly writen, another perspective opens one's eyes. A pleasure to read Thank you.

Douglas Lazard's picture

Much has been written from many different outlooks, since 911... What you have written here I must say is one of the most profound works I have read yet! You have a wonderful sense of rhyme that carries through the entire story without getting boring, or getting in the way of the feelings you are trying to express!
Very well done!
Peace and love ~~~~ Dougie ~~~

Melvin Lee II's picture

I have a friend in Postpoems who will definitely relate to this piece, Lesa...her name is Mona Omar.
And like the poor persona in this bitter poem, she has been suffering a lot since 911.

Do get to know her...she is a wonderful lady.
Thanxs for standing up to the minority, and penning such a powerful piece, Lesa.

Gail Varney's picture

wow.........A Heart that Cries. that's a really sad poem. as i read it i myself got tears in my eyes
that's sad but true poem. we go through life everyday being selfish and to ourselves and we never aknowledge
others feeling. sometimes i lay in bed wondering why people hate each other. maybe one day we'll know. i hope
we can get through this world. we'll just have to see. thank you for that poem.


Renee Chadwick's picture

Oh my Gosh.....I am sitting here fogged by my own tears. This peoem made me feel as if i were standing beside an afghan woman. Your talent is truely amazing. You just critique my poem...sad soul of an angle. Thank you for what you wrote, and for putting your url for me to visit. I will keep reading as you post more. feel free to contact me by email, infact, i would be honoured if you do. Thank you for helping me understand afghan woman. Thank you for allowing me to cry for them.

Anthony  J. Sayas's picture

You have captured the feeling of many of the Afgan people as well as people of that area. Great job!!!

IKARE's picture

I really loved this poem the best. I read all 5 that you have submitted, they are VERY GOOD. Do not take others critisim harshly, (some people just want to do that,,, critisize.) I applaud you and your efforts to go where some people do not brave to go. That being, the boldness to put your work out for the world to see, and to share yourself and your feelings. And I can tell you that I to also realate to your thoughts, and ideas. So, keep up the GREAT WORK, I think you will go far. IKARE

Abritelite and Bravehawk ArtsOfPaintingAndPoetry's picture

you write so beautifully, and so easy to read. Please visit my site in postpoems, we would love to paint your work

Abritelite and Bravehawk ArtsOfPaintingAndPoetry's picture

you write so beautifully, and so easy to read. Please visit my site in postpoems, we would love to paint your work

hccgirl04's picture

Hey, I love the poem. You are very talented and I like reading your work.
~*~ Jill ~*~

Wei Yeo's picture

this poem is so real and i really felt for the people as how you have described them. yes, we never know what will happen tomorrow.