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Monterrey - Nuevo León

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I'm Elena . 20 years.
I'm a architecture student currently studying in Monterrey, Mexico.
I'm very affectionate, although somewhat cautious, and very idealistic.
I like to draw in my spare time, and I frequently task myself with long projects and push myself harder each time. I like to think that I'm creative, innovative and funny person.
I have a habit of putting myself in other people's shoes just to see the world from their point of view. I'm very curious to understand the people around me.
I'm a bit traditional and very loyal to the people and causes that are important to me, and to me their needs will always come before my own.
I'm accepting and flexible about other people's opinions, lifestyles, or values, as long as mine are respected equally. If they're not, well, let's just say I'm very passionate about standing up for what I believe in.
I'm very calm, relaxed, and all I seek for is harmony in my life and surrounding. I tend to respond to beauty, morality, virtue rather than utility, effectiveness or value.


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