“Excuse me.” The young boy said to the poet, “If you don’t mind me asking…where do you find your words?”

The old poet smiled at the young boy…”Sometimes…” she said, “they’re in the voices of the birds.”


“Sometimes they’re with my friends and family…sometimes on strangers in a crowd…sometimes they rise up with the morning sun…sometimes they’re drifting on a cloud.”


“Sometimes they’re on a ladybug, a butterfly…or a bee…sometimes they’re floating on the breeze…sometimes they’re high up in a tree.”


“Sometimes they fall with the leaves in Autumn…sometimes with the Spring flowers they seem to grow…Sometimes they’re stretched out on a sandy beach…sometimes they’re playing in the snow.”


“Sometimes they’re on the wings of love…Sometimes on the shoulders of pleasure or pain…sometimes they’re left behind by some animal…sometimes they fall from the sky with the rain.” 


“Sometimes they crawl out of the forest…sometimes out of the darkness…they emerge…sometimes they run so fast I have trouble keeping up…as out of the ocean waves…they surge.”


“You ask where I find my words.” She said smiling at the young boy, “I hope by now you see…I do not find the words I write…they find their way to me.”



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The words we choose are powerful…

think of the different worlds we create 

when the words that flow from our lips 

are words of love and kindness…

as opposed to words of hate.


Words of love and kindness have the power to build happiness, 

to make us smile…

to bring another joy…

words of hate but one power…

the power to destroy.


We have a plethora of words of love and kindness at our disposal…

whatever kind of love we want to create…

ah…but therein lies the rub…

as the same holds true for hate.


When we use words of love and kindness…

when we see that smile on another face swell…

we can’t help but feel in our hearts

a little love and happiness as well.


When we use words of hate…

when hurtful obscenities we yell…

as we destroy another person…

we destroy ourselves as well.


It all comes down to the kind of echoes we want to leave behind…

the type of world we are trying to create…

Do we want to be cherished for our words of love and kindness…

or remembered for our words of hate?



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It’s funny how we all learn the same alphabet

with the 26 letters it contains

letters we can combine into words of love and happiness

or words of hatefulness and pain.


We can create words of anger…words of spite

words that can…a soul…destroy

Words of wonder

words of beauty

words that can fill a heart...with joy.


Which means:

It’s up to those of us once we learn our alphabet

to choose our words with kindness and not abuse them…

not only in our choice of words…but in how we choose to use them.


When you stop and think bout it

It’s something I wish everyone could see…

how choosing words of love and kindness…

is as easy as A…B…C



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Dear Parents,


As your children we love collecting things…

We collect bugs.

We collect dolls.

We collect the feathers that fall from birds.

But we’re also listening to everything you say

and collecting all your words.


Your words of compassion.

Your words of joy.

When you call someone a name.

Your words of love.

Your words of hate.

We collect them all the same.


And when we get a little older

(we’re sure you won’t find this confusing)

the words we’ve collected from you

are the words we will be using.


So this is a just a gentle reminder

from the time we’re very small

the words we’re collecting from you

will become our most important collection of them all.





Your children.

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You are a Lover of Words

All and nothing


In all you say, eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,

Hales a darkened force of guile,

That inner moves me most intently,



Long tall words spoken gently,

Spell bound by your easy style,

In all you say eloquently,

With parted lip and sweet smile,



Feeling love transcendently,

No potion from a witch’s vial,

Longed for moments arise a while,

Though sorrow follows subsequently, 

In all you say, eloquently.

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All These Words

All and nothing


Words written in their own time

Disjointed look

In arrested rhyme,

Words written in terms of jest

Zing a-long

Full of zest,

While words written just for you

Stall then fall

Without a clue,

Wonderful words of eloquence

Evade to bind

Us in subtle hints,

Wanton words have work to do

To forge that line

From me to you.

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There is this funny thing about alphabets...
from the letters they contain
can be created
words of love and happiness...
words of hatefulness and pain.

Words of anger
words of spite
words that can...the soul...destroy.

Words of wonder
words of beauty
words that fill the heart...with joy.

Which means:
it’s up to those of us who speak and write them
to choose word with kindness...
not abuse them...
not only in our choice of words...
but how we choose to use them.


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