He wanted her to know he loved her 

and that his love would never stop

He thought…what if I shouted ‘I Love You’ 

from the highest mountain top?


Surely then what’s in my heart 

she would understand

when she hears my words ride upon the wind

or echo off the land.


And then he thought…what if we walked along the water’s edge

together hand in hand

and I stopped…drew a heart and wrote, 

‘I Love You’ in the sand


Surely then she’d understand 

I could not love her more

when she sees what’s in my heart…

written on the shore.


But then he realized…words written in the sand 

or echoed from the mountain quickly fade away.

He wanted something that would last forever

something that would stay.


Something permanent to let her know

the love in his heart would never disappear…

So every day he holds her close


and whispers “I Love You”…in her ear.

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When Did You Know It Was Love?

“Grandad, when did you know you loved grandma?”

I asked when I was just a lad.

“And grandma, if I may be so bold,

when did you know you loved grandad?


“When did I know I loved your grandad?” Grandma mused...

“It’s not as complicated as it seems.”

It’s when I realized the life I was living

was better than my dreams.”


“It was somewhat the same for me”, Grandad said

as on his face a huge smile unfurled,

“It was when I realized I’d rather do nothing with your grandma

than something with anyone else in the world.”


They were lucky to have found each other

and lucky for the love they had...

May we all be as lucky to find a love...


Like Grandma and Grandad.

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