By JFarrell


Look at the sunrise

The dark of the night

Very so subtly thins

Until great swords of light

Burst forth

Like the beginning of Everything

Like the beginning of Forever

Like the Big Bang



As what was dark and dead but a moment ago

Is now bathed in golden colours

And looks so alive

So beautiful

Thank you for this gift.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

what a precious gift

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pink ribbons of light


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Each morning the sun's presence
gives of himself as presents
wrapped most days in streaming
pink ribbons of light

-saiom shriver-

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Morning, the dawn of a fresh beginning.

  When sunrise gives life to a beautiful new day

              that seems never ending.


Morning, when yesterday and days before

  become recollections of unchangeable memory's.


Morning, a moment in time to remind ourselves

  not to re-live life but rather to live life.


Morning, when tomorrows yet to come

  build anticipation of events not yet conceived.


Morning, with mind refreshed I can evaluate

and choose to continue or change that which lay ahead of me.


I will always believe the most cherished part of the day

           is and will always be....Morning





Author's Notes/Comments: 

My wife was having a bad day at work. Her job is very stressful anyway. I told her to let it go for the night and re-think it in the Morning. It's amazing how thoughts and opinions can sometimes change or become more clear if we just step back, relax, and start refreshed in the Morning. 

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