my ode to Sarin Gas in Syria

current affairs

Tales of Sarin Gas Attacks

veiled as more bent facts

by a biased media crew

all designed to dupe you


like invisible WMD's

divide and conquer certainly

another excuse to invade

a resource stealing charade


and a platform for war

with Iran Next door

Jordan; 20,000 yankee soldiers

just waiting to get bolder


for that, need an excuse

on Iran to tighten the noose

just for resources again

not forgetting central banking


Mr A president of Iran

listen to speeches; a good man

love conquers everything

true life does it bring


no need then for stupid war

and the stealing of resource

wholesale change coming soon

will effect both me and you


going to get dark before light

then bogus wars out of sight

dont believe lying media scum

they just want you to be glum


and their paymasters profiteer

when any war comes near

dont give lies any energy

you need it all for yourself you see

and big love from me

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