Procrastination [Unrhymed Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Of yours

Seems deadly so

It attacks my soul

Like Achilles’ spear at war

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Let Us Talk

There was no one better
At handling disputes
Than him
Late at night
All alone
In the dark
You could hear him
Practicing for his next debate
We all knew
That the title they gave him
Was so richly deserved
Stan Smith

Author's Notes/Comments: 

God... how I love to laugh!

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Trial and Error

In the horizon I see an ominous glow
With a future so bright, it makes me want to go
Gallantly, I charge in head first
Could I be done with all of the worst?
Edging from side to side at full speed
Not to be stopped by anything but need
Instantaneously a shadow starts on my track
But I remain cautious, never to look back
The following darkness never seems to cease
Will any of my racing thoughts ever find peace?
I start to tire and begin to take a rest
The shadow just waits, as if this is some test
As I stop this glow seemed to fade
But time never stops, so I feel I am betrayed
Life goes on as my rest turns to procrastination
For some reason I give into temptation
Wallowing in self pity as the days pass by
I stay in this place always left to wonder why
Why am I so tired, never to proceed my dreams?
It's not that easy, I cannot follow these themes
Alas inspiration cracks the sky in two like lightning
I become aware, My grasp on life starts tightening
An Idea flows, what if I walk as if I'm at ease?
Because I'n the end, Only I'm left to please.

Justin Herrera

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Put a good amount of thought into this. Any questions or suggestions? Open to all :)

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