Pakistan Independence Day

I'm sorry Pakistan 14 August Independence day!

If you got my veins I bleed Pakistan,
I ache when you ache Pakistan,
I'm the cause of you Pakistan
Happy birthday
You gave me show much
But I gave you nothing but pain
You gave me the freedom I yearned
But in return I bind you in chains
You give me an identity
But I took that from you
You gave me a place
I could call home
But I left you scared, deserted and alone
So I'm so sorry about Pakistan
Forgive me for burning you alive
Call give me for letting you down
Forgive me for all the times a finger what pointed on you
Forgive me for being silent times when I had to stand
Forgive me for giving you the label of a terrorist
Forgive me for making you the charity box
There is so much to say!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem by Shery and Shehzy twin sister on Independence Day

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CIA Running Amuck



CIA Running Amuck 

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The CIA is waging an

illegal unconstitutional

and secret war against


It is a rogue agency

run amuck

turning the forests of

other countries

into slimy muck.

-saiom shriver-

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Only 20 Of 195 Countries Murdered Prisoners (Execution) In 2019


 North, Central and South America, only 1 country, the US, still has the death penalty.
Despite the fact that the Supreme Court supported the exclusion of those who oppose execution from capital
crime trial juries,  eliminating the nonviolent from juries, the death penalty among US states has been declining.

 In 2020 as of July 10, only 5 states
(Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee) had conducted prisoner murder.  All have Republican governors
and the Supreme Court is a majority Republican. Ohio's Republican governor is waiting for execution drugs.
 Only the federal government
has increased its scheduled executions, the first such scheduling in almos 20 years.

"In  2019, only 20 of 195 countries had killed prisoners,106 countries (a majority of the world’s states) had abolished the death penalty
 in law for all crimes, and 142 countries (more than two-thirds) had abolished the death penalty in law or practice.".
Of the 195 countries, 2 have been excluded
from voting in the UN. They are Palestine and the Vatican.
  Source:  Amnesty International

China is said to conducts the most prisoner murders but does so in secret. 86% of executions in 2019 excluding
China were conducted by 4 countries: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq and Egypt.  In Saudi Arabia, adultery and
homosexuality are capital crimes.  Methods of execution around the world
include hanging, electrocution, the gas chamber, firing squad, and lethal injection as well as decapitation
and stoning, the latter having happened in recent
years. In some Muslim countries.

Other forms of government murder include war, assassinations, torture, police and prison guard killings..

Christians worship Jesus who prevented a stoning in progress.  However, many Christian evangelicals
support government murder.
Catholic bishops oppose government sanctioned murder.
Buddha taught nonviolence.
Ahimsa or nonharming is a tenet of Hinduism, but India executed 4 rapists this year.
"Reform and Conservative Jewish organizations have argues against the death penalty,
while the Orthodox Union has called for a moratorium. "  (Google)




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