Pakistan Independence Day

I'm sorry Pakistan 14 August Independence day!

If you got my veins I bleed Pakistan,
I ache when you ache Pakistan,
I'm the cause of you Pakistan
Happy birthday
You gave me show much
But I gave you nothing but pain
You gave me the freedom I yearned
But in return I bind you in chains
You give me an identity
But I took that from you
You gave me a place
I could call home
But I left you scared, deserted and alone
So I'm so sorry about Pakistan
Forgive me for burning you alive
Call give me for letting you down
Forgive me for all the times a finger what pointed on you
Forgive me for being silent times when I had to stand
Forgive me for giving you the label of a terrorist
Forgive me for making you the charity box
There is so much to say!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem by Shery and Shehzy twin sister on Independence Day

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