Have you ever watched whales sleep? What a wonderful adaptation.

They float effortlessly in the water… a kind of suspended animation.


It seems we’re similar in a myriad of ways

with our companions of the deep.

not the least of these…

is the way in which we sleep


We are both beautiful in sleep…

A time when our worries and troubles cease.

We become united in our serenity

our silence, our solitude, our peace.


And sleep is where our dreams are made…

be they simple…or extreme.

I wonder while they’re suspended in sleep…

of what do whales dream?


Do they dream of leaving the ocean?

Do they dream of touching the stars?

Would we be surprised if they could tell us…

how their dreams are similar to ours.?


And once again we understand…we don’t have to look very far

To see how like the animals we humans truly are.


Yes…we are born, we eat, we breathe…

we love, we die…we weep.

All things we realize we share…


while watching whales sleep.

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I’m not quite sure how it works...or how it came to be...

but when I walk in moonlight…I forget what’s troubling me.


It happens when I walk on the beach in an early morning breeze,

when I walk along a lonely path…surrounded by the trees.


When I walk among the mountains…when I stop to dream

in a meadow bathed by sunlight, beside a lake, or river or stream…


It seems nature has provided us a multitude of ways…

to add peace and harmony to our nights and serenity to our days…


By inviting us all to take a walk…perhaps this is her goal..


to unburden our minds, comfort our hearts and quietly soothe our souls.

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We visited an elephant sanctuary and once again I can affirm

of all the animals out there…my favorite is the pachyderm.


Specifically the elephant…at least as long as they exist…

because, since 1989, they’ve been on the endangered species list.


But this story is about a little girl…she was only three years old

but what she did at the sanctuary…was amazing to behold.


She entertained those of us in the crowd…to our collective jubilation

as she toddled around and bellowed out her best elephant imitation. 


What made it more amusing…coming from someone so young and small

is that the sounds coming out of her little mouth didn’t sound like an elephant at all.


Those of us who heard her thought…that’s not an elephant song!

Those of us who thought we knew…could not have been more wrong!


For the elephant also heard the little girl and immediately commenced

In walking over to her and inserting his trunk straight through the fence.


They stood there separated but together and it gave our hearts a whirl

to see how they communicated…the elephant and the girl.


And I thought for a wonderful moment how the elephant and the girl were linked…


Burt how when girl grows up to be big and strong…the elephant will be extinct.

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I sometimes wish I was a bird…

that I could flap my wings and fly…

to land among the treetops…

to soar across the sky.


I sometimes wish I had the life…

of a furry river otter,

that I could dive and swim and spin all day…

and play under the water.


I sometimes wish I was an elephant…

that I could understand

what it’s like to have a trunk…

to be the strongest and gentlest in the land.


I sometimes wish I was a dolphin…

oh, the places I would roam

if I could swim like they do…

if the ocean was my home.


So many different animals…

I sometimes wish that I could be…

I wonder…

if any of them…


ever wish that they were me?

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Is it possible nature is but a child...

Let me try to verify:

She loves to play with crayons;

have you seen the way she paints the sky?


Her colors cover everything

and she never stays within the lines...

When she’s hungry her stomach grumbles

In the wind sometimes she whines.


She laughs at all the little things

she gets tickled by the breeze

Her attention changes quickly

from the flowers to the trees.


She often cries for no reason

she is changing every day

sometimes...she even smells bad...

other times...like a bouquet.


She fills our days with sunshine

She’s a constant source of light

But just like any baby

she needs her sleep at night.


With nature, each day is an adventure,

you never know what to expect

perhaps nature…

like a child…


is something we should try more to protect.

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We sing Happy Birthday to celebrate the day that we were born.

At Christmas we sing carols…at New Years we blow the horns.


Holidays are special too us…we excitedly await them…

and when they finally arrive…we love to celebrate them.


Every morning I hear birds singing and observe their beautiful ballet

as they rejoice in the colors of the sunrise and celebrate a new day.


Birds do not know of calendars…no special days do they proclaim.

With no holidays to anticipate…they celebrate everyday the same.


They delight to rise each morning…they greet every new day that arrives.

Every day they celebrate…the fact they are alive.


When you stop to think about it…

Is that the craziest thing you’ve ever heard?

Or could we all learn a little about happiness…


if we listened to the birds?

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Our daughter asked to borrow our kayak…we graciously complied

but since we used it last…birds built a nest inside.


This often happens as our kayaks are a safe place for birds to snooze

and we don’t get to use them as often as we choose.


I picked up the nest to move it but quickly gave a shout

I thought it would be empty…but 4 baby birds hopped out.


I called to Deborah, ran to the kitchen, and in a panic picked up a cup

Deborah set the nest in a tree…then we tried to round them up.


Four baby birds scattered in all directions and, as I saw one hopping past,

I thought: how is it these tiny birds can hop around so fast?


I felt bad for disturbing them…so I made helping them my quest

and one by one we captured them and returned them to the nest.


When they were back in tree and nest, in the shade, out of the sun

Their parents chirped a thank you…after seeing what we’d done.


We hope they’ll stay protected…in their nest above the ground,

Sheltered by the tree…one bird family…safe and sound.


This reminded me how we’re all connected…humans, the birds, the trees

put on Earth to help each other through life’s adversities.


For when we experience the fragility of life…or when it doesn’t go as planned…


how wonderful to know someone will be there…to lend a helping hand.

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We can learn so much from nature...

from the sand

the sea

the sky...

Every organism can be our teacher

Take, perchance, the butterfly.


True, they are fragile creatures...

their wings are delicate and thin...

but they add color to the universe

and they can ride upon the wind.


Butterflies share the flowers.

All are rich,

no one is poor,

and you never see a butterfly with a weapon

or marching off to war.


They live a life that’s innocent and free,

they cause no pain or grief

For they know their time is precious...

their moment on Earth is brief.


Perhaps if we listened to their teachings

and their lessons we’d apply

Then we would live in peace and beauty


just like the butterfly.

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I love watching the sunrise

how the grey sky turns to gold

in the peaceful quiet of the morning

as another day unfolds.


I love being present at the moment

of nature’s awakening…

I love the silence being broken

when the birds begin to sing.


I love to watch the flowers yawn

when their nightly sleep is done…

then drink a drop of morning dew

and stretch to catch the sun.


I love watching the moon…

far from the noise, the lights…the crowds

as it hovers in the heavens

and drifts among the clouds.


I love being present at the moment

when nature goes to sleep…

how the night recedes to silence

and the darkness seems so deep.


I love watching the beauty and the mystery

of this wondrous day…and then…

I love knowing tomorrow


it will happen once again.

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