#mill #thmill #Ebeenthruthemill




I have been thru the mill

I have drank beer in Arthur’s hell

& slept drunk on the beach


I’ve faltered steadily in night

& failed miserably in love

I am a leper to society

and am rejected by the outcasts


I am a soul solider for truth

I am a scholar of infidelity

and a prisoner of my own mind


I drank all the liquors

& ate all the mystical plants

but the inspiration was hesitant

fearful of my dark brooding eyes


Two after midnight the muses

finally come with lucid vision

but the penetration of integrity

is reluctant to make its bid


The sweet brandy is poured

but my heart is pounding out

with fear, rejection and hope


Ethereal image is merely drunk

perception of the fool

The harangue of saints does slash

at my weakened, soulless flesh


In summer I sweat love

In winter I freeze in doubt

The leaves play chameleon and fall

only to return again next spring


There are equinoxes of dreams

flapping past the quarterly solstaces

of forgotten years of our lives


but in the dark sullen night

I find only a moment of chance

like that of dice thrown in

some old Las Vegas casino


Laughing in wilderness of defeat

the saint does allude to truth

and the fallen angel is again

granted asylum in Heaven


and though the odds are again

stacked against the loner

the prophets still predict victory

for the carrier of truth


and the sun’s chariot pulled

along the sky by Apollo

shall continue to rise each day

in spite each of our lonely plights