Paper Moon Cafe

As I take a bite; It reminds me of you
My heart tastes the goodness of delightfully freshly baked cake
With its thousand layer of sweetness on its thin crepes
Is how you with me at the start.
Your crispiness and heavenly delight 
Bring me to different tasteful moments of my life that I never yet tasted.
You bring me so much joy and sweetness ..
That I become so addicted that causes me with so much toothache.
As I tasted you over and over again, everything becomes sour and bitter.
I gain weight and lose my mind 
I finally stand-up and leave you on the table.
Pay the bill and wish happiness to you with all the blessing of the saints in the sky..

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"Moonless Walk"


The nightsky seems an empty space
without the goddess on her place

Why do you hesitate to be with me?
Are you still mad at me?

Where are you?
I'm longing to see you..

Are you just hiding up there?
All I want is to admire your beauty down here..

Those stars are not enough to light my way..
How lonely walk to end my boring day..

I just really, really miss your sight..
Will you please be with me tomorow night?

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