Lately…here in our own country…it has occurred to me 

no matter where I look…hate is everywhere I see…


It’s nothing new…for hating others has been part of our history

ask Native Americans, 





the L..G..B..and T.


To show you how easy it is for hate to take hold…

to succeed…to triumph…to win

The moment I say I hate all the haters…

Is the moment I let hate in.


But don’t be fooled by all the hate…for as we ride this carousel

as we travel up and down and round and round…there is much love…as well.


If we can look past all the hate (it’s not easy…I understand)

We will see people reaching out, hugging, kissing…holding hands.


We see random acts of kindness…acts of affection and generosity

We see a diverse amount of people embracing diversity.


So when you start to believe that love is dead…and you begin to mourn

Remember: “I Love You” are the first words spoken…when a baby has been born.


Then think of all the times you say “I Love You” every day

and why do you surmise

are “I Love You” the last words uttered before a person dies?


We begin and end our life with “I Love You” which only proves once more

that hate may win its share of battles…


but love will win the war.

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Though we come from different places

different cultures…have different faces


and we may not understand what each of us is saying

who we love, the way we live or to whom or how we’re praying


I hope one day we’ll understand…and happily exclaim

despite our undeniable differences…

we’re basically the same


How the love that brought us into this world…

still plays an important role

as caretaker of our heart and keeper of our soul.


How there is a universal language…

perhaps handed down from up above

a language spoken without words…

a language we call love.


But there is another universal language

that has reared it’s head of late

It too can be spoken without words…

a language we call hate.


These two languages are currently in a battle…

we have reached a ‘D Day’ state

and the final outcome of this battle 

will determine all our fates…


For only one can...

the other has to loose

So the question for the world becomes…


which language will you choose?

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Once again we have come face to face with a frightening argument…

a chilling metaphysical debate…

And it is crucial we decide where our allegiance lies…

Is it love…or is it hate.


Hate is louder, meaner, and in the daily news seems to carry much more weight

But stop and look around a moment…you will see more love than hate.


Hate says: I condemn, I blame, I punish, I bully, I kill.

Love says I praise, I flatter, I forgive, I befriend, I comfort…I instill.


Hate says, we must build a wall because you are not at all like me.

Love says give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.


Hate says I am born from circumstances I did not create.

Love says people are born to love and must be taught to hate.


Hate sometimes says I follow the teaching of my God…a God both omnipotent and great.

Love says I know of no God who would tell anyone to hate.


Hate says you must believe what I believe or we never can agree.

Love says we have our differences but come sit and talk with me.


Hate says you live in your land over there…and I’ll live in my land.

Love says we can only accept each other when we walk together…hand in hand,


Hate says you don’t look like me…I will never let you in…

Love says you are so beautiful…I love the color of your skin.


Hate says you must love who and what I love…and hate says this with conviction.

Love says I have no boundaries, no limits, no margins or restrictions.


Hate says war is a part of life…and wars will never cease.

Love shakes her head and smiles saying…only love can lead to peace.


It’s time to stop debating…will love…or will hate lose?


Our future as a people…as a country…depends on what we choose.…

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