A Kiss ….


A Kiss....


Such a romantic gesture.

The sharing, of the dawn......

Mother Nature helps,

draws ......us together .

It's birds,it's bees,

it's stunning vistaś.

Sweet pollen......on the breeze.

Sand.... between your toes,

In your hair, and on your clothes.

Stolen, sunset moments.

Loves tender choice,


At the dying of the day.

Giajl © Jim Love (LL)

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If I Asked, of You....


If I Asked, of You....


Could you hold, my hand.

And.... kiss me.

For I want, to taste.... my dreams.

My heart longs, for adventure.

And as such.

I'll soar, to ....

Touch, the sun.

I'll shield you, from the wind.

As you strum, upon my simple soul.

I long to hear, the music, 

of ....your līf.


You've captured, the essence,

of my being.

Don't ever trifle with my emotions.

Always,.... my seæd is yours.

To share.


Áxian, would you say yes?

Giajl © Jim Love (LL)

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I’ll Never Get That Chance…..,


I’ll Never Get That Chance…..,


To walk, 

barefoot on those sands.

Nor see that smile,

or hear, you laugh.

Why do I drink……?

When it makes me cry.

Never one for sentiment.

It took time, for empathy to grow.

And I wish it hadn’t !

I spiral, in the depths, 

each …..night.

Wishes ……..like silent pleas.

It never gets said.

I’m too shy, say.

Of the passion, I have known.

Once intense.

But oft, far too brief. 

I fear love, is not …..for me.

Nor life


Nor happy ever after.

Giajl © Jim Love (LL)

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And, if you could …..

And, if you could …..



Capture that, moment.

In your minds eye.

To last, for all eternity !

What would it be ?

Who, might it be ?

A Forever …..moment.

To last ….for ….



Would it be me…..?

Giajl © Jim Love

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One ….,



I’ll be forgotten 

My dust will be 

upon the wind

My slipstream 

May caste a shadow 

For I’ve…..,Flown

And I’ve soared.

And tears, have only flowed.

In the depth, of the night!

When a drink,  has been drunk!

And so…..

For some.

There are things.

Within our soul.

That can’t be shared.

And they can drag you down.


I’m safe 

I’m warm

I’m dry

I’m drunk

And …..


is not 



Day, I go down !!!

Giajl © Jim Love

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Last Nights….

Last nights….


I lay, naked…..

Whilst thinking, of you.

It’s a long time, since.

I was….. happy!

Where the laugher, touched my heart,

and the company.

Touched, my soul……

Where mornings,

brought, no dread,

Of yesterdays…..


No happiness for me.

Paratroopers don’t…..

We are the prey!

Hunted, by all.

Friend and foe, alike!

Always, misunderstood …..


Sometimes, I ran too fast.

And women, couldn’t ,catch …..me!

Old fears, and fresh tears.


Ever after.

Sometimes it’s the passion!

And how it’s dealt with. 

While, I dream….



Wishes, always fail…..

Giajl © Jim Love  

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For she’s…,


For she’s…,


My Crush, 

and …..,

all I know that…. 

She is blind, and I am mute.

The fear, of rejection.

Stills, my tongue.

And chills, my heart.

Killing, loves flame.

So I become….

That insecure,wee boy …..again.

A lost love.


once again

Passed me by.



Stilled my beating heart.

Giajl © Jim Love(LL)

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I Know More Secrets,

I know more secrets,


than Mephistopheles.

I’m often told of …..

surreptitious deeds.

Of maybes and of what t’was.

However, it’s of now….and.


The only certainty in my life.

Cast adrift in life’s streams.

With, no further aspirations.

I am floating on the Styx ….

I’m smelling….., sunshine !

Through the pouring rain.

While watching out for a Valkyrie.

I’m chatting with “Calico Jack”.

And sadness is my ilk.

Melded in my DNA.

And it’s more


Than I care to know.

Giajl © Jim Love

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There’s Cinnamon on the Wind

There’s cinnamon on 


the wind.

Fresh linen, smells of sugar and spice,

And all things nice.

But only a glimmer.

Just a mere memory, of a ….


Of back then,

when I was innocent.

Had no, envious thoughts ……..of sloth.

If, tears…..

could serve, as a penance!

Then surely now ……

I’ve been set free.

Perhaps the scents…..

Drifted down from


Miletus ?

Giajl © Jim Love

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