How cruel can one human be


I am, have always been longing for you

For your company, your touch.., a lingering longing that’s pure and true

Did you ever even consider the fact that I was only there for you….


Perhaps not….

Who knows.... maybe you forgot

What we had

You must’ve, why else would you want me sad


You cast a shadow over my soul

Crushed my heart into tiny pieces ….. And it was whole

Why did you choose to ice-up and ignore

Why leave me there by the door… or did you want me lying…. kicking on the floor


I have never felt so unwanted...

Never so insulted

Never so embarrassed

Just by being if I wasn’t’ even present, my only worth …..To be taunted.


Now you’ve left me with a lingering… longing …..To not be

With a feeling that you want me to wipe out all memories of you and me

How cruel and uncompassionate can one human be…?


What have I done to deserve this ….I plea



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