life sucks

Always feel like Shit

When you are 

arthritis ridden,

eczema ridden

and your joints ache constantly

and your constantly lethargic,

constantly dehydrated,

and your muscles are always tight,

and all you want is to feel better,

and not be burdened by your body,

so the mind can rest for once,

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Arthritic Inflammatory Cortisolistic Homo Sapien Under Constant Duress

Beiing alive and having to work

sucks balls


Having arthritis in your neck, shoulders and back

sucks dick from that constant strain


such is human suffering


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When Life Gives You Lemons

When life gives you lemons, 
you'll pucker at first; 

but after a while, 

you'll become immune to the flavor. 

Who knows,

you may even acquire a taste for them.  

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Scare the elephant

I don't like the way you think
You don't have to be like that
We're all so dumb
We're all so weak
We've all became so tired

Be my princess
Be my queen
You know it should be done
Belief and trust
In god we trust
Praying to the sun

And after all
And after them
I still desire you
For all I know
Your eyes, my precious
Never meant much to who

Fuck you all
The end is near
I might as well enjoy it
No longer trust
No more beliefs
I think I want to blow it

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