—'Tis More Fun Using








—'Tis More Fun Using



'Tis more fun using

—money in my pocket, but

I know where it's from...

From other people's pockets

I'm now on top of the world








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 12.04.2019 (some sentence/paragraph emendations which included misspelling corrections & misidentified/misused words); 11.23.2019 (I have supplanted the previous commentary emendation); 09.04.2019:


that spur, was seemingly a corresponding familiar song (i.e., either something out of a Carpenter's song or its title), I simply then came to the conclusion that it was indeed an American/English idiomatic expression that relates to its real connotation (the expression, versus the Carpenter song title—contrastingly—where it was actually derived from, & whose real lexical meaning was what I also have meant to relay).  But not to outright convey the distinctively intended (versus an oblique intention) meaning.  Thank you for reading on.



Sides of The Coin


The battle before us

The Left and the Right

Calling to everyone,

“Join in the fight”


Calling, demanding:

“Which side are you on”

The Left or the Right

Not the right or the wrong


Dividing while fighting

Nere missing a day

Not doing, nor proving

They mean what they say


A dog and a pony

Make up their whole show

Crafted to hide

Where they want us to go


Crafted to hide

Who is really behind

All that we’re seeing

And someday we’ll find


That the Left and the Right

Who call all men to join

Are nothing but opposite

Sides of the coin


Liberal Hypocrisy


This liberal hypocrisy, makes me laugh,
With their one-sided, unethical minds.
They claim one thing, while living another,
Until they find the next soapbox, to climb.


And up on to it, they'll belly-crawl,
Because that's the natural way of a snake.
From up on there, they'll spew their drivel,
And not a lick of sense, does it even make!


Maybe it would, if they ever even practiced,
The same way, that they so blindly preach.
But what's good for their goose, is not for the gander,
So into Satan's dialogue, they further reach.


Out of both sides of their wicked mouths,
Their demons schizophrenically verbalize-
To the point that even their own loved-ones,
No longer know which is their truths...or their lies.


They cry out at the injustice, of little furry creatures,
Who's lives are ended in animal shelter tombs-
Yet, they fight for the right, of BABY HUMANS,
To be literally ripped and torn apart, out of wombs!


I believe the liberal mindset, goes deeper,
Clouded by their very own guilt and shame.
Because no one can be so bleeding-heart left,
If in themselves, they didn't hold some blame.


How can they yell out against the 'murder of war',
When they themselves, live not at peace?
For such God-less, soul-less, Faith-less people,
Have nowhere else to vent their twisted release.


So they attack the good and God-loving people,
Who care about a Country, gone so very wrong.
They blindly follow a traitorous party, who,
They misguidedly think, will make them strong.


They can't see past, their left-colored glasses,
So fogged up with their malice and hate.
I pray more of us, can see the right much clearer,
And save our America, before, it's too late.


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