Kenneth Jarrett Singleton





It’s been many years since Charlie has showered. 

By a rapist, he was roughly deflowered. 

Born a piece of trash, he will remain the same. 

Generations of incest are most likely to blame. 



He wears a dress because he’s a homosexual. 

The frigid turnip has become hypersexual. 

Charlie was placed in a nursing home. 

He acquired immune deficiency syndrome. 



He’s such a mess.

His stature is small. 

Refuse to feed him. 

Don’t feed him at all. 



Transfusion trades;

He’s learned a trade. 

Spread it on purpose;

Another one laid. 



Partaking in the spreading of Aids. 

Sharing blood by way of needles and razor blades. 

I enjoy seeing his many defections. 

He has lost the ability to fight infections. 



He’s expecting to die from pneumonia;

Either that, or Kaposi’s Sarcoma. 

His request was to be cremated. 

Instead, for him a black casket awaited. 



Infect them with;

Immune system disease. 

There is no cure. 

Spread and seize. 



Sniff really hard. 

Smell the aroma. 

Charlie died;

From Kaposi’s Sarcoma.



From the book, EXOTIC NEUROTIC.

Copyright © 2016 Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

All rights reserved






Long live rage, as well as, tragedy. 

They’ll live evermore. 

I am confident without your trust. 

I’m glad that life is a major whore. 

She has washed her spotless dishes;

But they will never dry. 

She has washed her pristine wishes;

But the promises were all lies. 



Long live straining and intact notions. 

Some people live life only for chores. 

I am confident that you will rust. 

It is now time to produce the spores. 

She has left the rumor vacant. 

Gossip is left for thought. 

She has left the tumor vacant.

She is exactly what you are not. 



I created my own discontent. 

Contentment is absent and far away. 

Indulging in misery without consent;

I wonder what Bonnie would say? 

She possesses her own opinions.

Bonnie’s judgment is viewed as fair. 

She should put on display her dominion. 

Long live misery and despair. 



From the book, EXOTIC NEUROTIC.

Copyright © 2016 Kenneth Jarrett Singleton

All rights reserved
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The daffodils of youth are still smelling putrid. 
They have grown beside my plastic, crucified cupid. 
I wonder if they want to rot with me in my nest?
An unceasing pain in my pressured chest. 
He was underdeveloped for his age. 
His parents restrained him within their personal cage. 
He was ungratefully nourished by way of container. 
His umbilical cord spewed just like a complainer. 
He was never washed spotless, or with good measure. 
He never acquired, but he still sought pleasure. 
‘Eliminate me, please,’ was his final thought. 
I have long been prepared for the eternal rot. 
There are constant clicks because the tube is feeding. 
I hear constant clicks because his organs are bleeding. 
Interminably will remain your absence of worth. 
I’m providing putrid flowers for your putrid birth.
From the book, EXOTIC NEUROTIC.
Copyright © 2016 Kenneth Jarrett Singleton
All rights reserved