I grew up a child of the ’60’s

together my life and the hippie movement dawned…

now when I look back at that time I wonder…where have all the hippies gone?


Those long haired tie-dyed idealists who walked around with our feet bare

who grew our own organic vegetables…who wore flowers in our hair.


Who sang and danced and laughed…who kidded and teased and joked

whose spirituality was enhanced by all that grass we smoked.


Who ate our share of granola…who drove an old VW van

who believed in peace and love and Woodstock…

and who would never listened to The Man.


Who were excited by the universe…who were filled with loving thoughts…

who lived for today and for each other and…did I mention all that pot?


Where have all the hippies gone?…all those innocent…free-spirited pups?

I imagine what happened…happens to every generation…we hippies all grew up.


Our long hair is now white or gone…our jokes are shared in tweets

our spirits aren’t as free as they once were…and we now wear shoes upon our feet.


We still like organic vegetables…but we’ll also eat at delis

and the only pot we carry now…we carry around our bellies. 


Most of us drive comfortable cars instead of those old flowered vans

Oh, we still eat our share of granola…but now we throw on a little bran.


And we certainly don’t dance as much…we never know when we might slip

for there is nothing more humiliating…than a hippie with a broken hip.


Never fear however!  It may be a little harder to pick out

what was once our claims to fame

but despite the ravages of age…we are hippies just the same.


Sure life has a way of interfering and our priorities rearrange…

but I believe the spirit we brought to our generation

and our ideals have never changed.


So here’s a toast to all the hippies out there…we may be heading over the hill

but we still believe in peace and love and I’m guessing…


we always will!

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They grew up in the ’60’s…and as their lives unfurled

They discovered they were righteous…laid back…two groovy kind of girls.


They had long hair…down to their shoulders…some people thought them wild

They were hippies…free spirits…unconventional…each one a flower child.


They wore their clothing tie-dyed in colors bold and bright

When they made the scene…they were a gas, a blast…so out of sight!


They would have gone to Woodstock but their parents didn’t approve

They believed in peace and love and they were always on the move…


But time has a way of moving too… and though they’re not sure how

Those two hippies of the ‘60s…are in their 60’s now.


Yet, through the years…through jobs and family

though their lives have rearranged….

they stayed as cool as they were back then

and their values haven’t changed….


They were sculpted by their past and no matter how old they grow

There is a universal truth…that they…as hippies…know….


Although there are certain parts of life over which they have no control….

They remain free spirits in their hearts and hippies in her soul.


They oppose violence…

They oppose hate and war…

Their symbol is the dove

They strive for a world of peace

They pursue a world of love.


So here’s to all the old hippies out there….

and any younger hippies too…

Let’s keep trying to make the world a better place…


because that’s what hippies do.

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