Spin..spin barell cough beneath the pain left unseen house of pain
leave the normal jewelry along life's legacy two afford
shape through diamonds out in the country
solace..silence & tired...,
shape through the mark of the silent brevity
bake the toast in the overwhelming step with no regret
come, come beneath it's swirl
breakfast in order to learn ahead of time
1990...left behind the scene
wander...ponder, through us about yonder
take a carpet watch...wander
the envelope of silence
pillars of lost cheddar..
below the cast fella

David Bowie..R.I.P,
a romantic episode
it's official..let us carry light as a fairy...
we see the cat cross the road
bass your science left for corporate
pillars...pillars..sweeten the day
many rely on the shelter of his appease;
we live ahead of the flower
rose in the cement ground
building bridges number 7
in tuned harmony to its hidden beasts menagerie
outside in the middle playing second fiddle
the agency built upon a legacy calling on the sea to sea...

Silence built upon the notion of trees without leaves
Pac died many years ago along with Biggie
can't we all be set free making sweet history
Time..time unite in time feeling below the pillow
mark the man willing to be explored
cover me..cover thee change the caged reform
pillows..ancient solo, stretch your motives

Away From You

My love please don’t leave

Don’t stray from my side

The hurt it would bring

I would be unable to hide


The pain would be deep

And the longing would ache

One single day without you

My heart couldn’t take


Please let it be so

And let it be now

To be able to look into your eyes

Or feel your presence somehow


If this is but a dream

Then please let me wake

The moments without you

I feel my sanity starting break


Please return to me now

So I can again be whole

So that I may ease the pain

That is filling my soul


Another day without you

I really can’t bear

So next time you try and leave

I will just tie you to the chair

Kinda' Girl

I'm kind a Girl

Who wants to be like a Pearl

Protected by You

Loved by a very few

I want your care

for being;becoming

somebody so rare

I'always expect, 

but do not get anything..

I'm ignored like

a messed up; I nod

You make Cry over,

As if i'm somebody to Toy

You hurt me over

I close my eyes,

Tired of taking a sigh

All I'm in need is attention

That's why I'd never mention

Thinking someday you'll read

my Heart & mind,

I always step on a side

All I search is your Love

which is how someway 

I get a bit above,

Hoping someday you'll

understand my pain,

Whenever I'll be in vain

Rest the story goes with your


Cause Love ain't something

One can ever force over

It just floats ... 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The way I've felt in time of need, Time of a call..

Heed the call... ω

My Happy Feeling

Cornered like a shark, I dive deep into my blissfull state of mind.

With nowhere but the surface to breach, My mind tears through my concerns.

With a single stroke of emotion everything feels good.

No tear shall be uncherished today, reguardless if it be sad or happy.

I know with this new found joy in my heart, nothing meaningless can force me to be grounded.

There where I trashed my sorrow and drowned my missery, No more will i return.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Spread me, Love.

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