Away From You

My love please don’t leave

Don’t stray from my side

The hurt it would bring

I would be unable to hide


The pain would be deep

And the longing would ache

One single day without you

My heart couldn’t take


Please let it be so

And let it be now

To be able to look into your eyes

Or feel your presence somehow


If this is but a dream

Then please let me wake

The moments without you

I feel my sanity starting break


Please return to me now

So I can again be whole

So that I may ease the pain

That is filling my soul


Another day without you

I really can’t bear

So next time you try and leave

I will just tie you to the chair

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That last line made me chuckle

Copyright © morningglory

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thank you very much for the

thank you very much for the read and comment, glad you enjoyed it.

Some Thoughs run deep Like a well