going through life

Life's Crystal Maze

Just a thought!
Walking through glistening haze as twinkling diamonds sparkle off frosted blades of earthen cover

My every step breaking through fine, glass blown shards of frozen tinsel as if it were delicate Tiffany crystal.

Tip-toeing softly, I carefully avoid any obstacle in my path. Fearful of brittle coverings on a tiny branch cracking off and                                  crashing down, I slowly make my way through this crystal maze, seeking solid ground

to rest upon and catch my breath. Another quest looms around the corner, waiting for me to attempt it's challenge.

I will go quietly, with tender motion and gentle stride, hoping to conquer and take my next breath of victory.

Undefeated, till my lungs have no wind and my heart fails to surge, I stand relentless.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just walking through life'

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