The first gift we ever received

was a gift no-one had to buy

It was the gift of life…

Have you ever wondered why?


Why was I given this gift?

How did I come to be?

and what did the giver of this gift…have in mind for me?


This gift was also given to the mountains and the seas

to the animals

to the rivers

to the flowers and the trees.


This gift was given freely

asking for nothing in return

So what are we to understand from this?

What are we to learn?


Since we all received the same gift 

perhaps the giver wanted us to see

how we are all connected and meant to live in harmony.


Since one moment we are not here

and the next moment we are living…

perhaps the giver wanted us to see

a gift is in the giving


And perhaps by giving a gift we never asked for

the giver of life suggested

the best gift we can ever give


is a gift that’s un-requested.

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One of the great things about living, has to do with a thing called giving

for it is incumbent on all of us to believe

That as the saying goes…through life’s highs and through life’s lows

It is as wonderful to give…as to receive.


In this life we live it is quite easy for us to give

for giving with grace is our nature I believe

But when the gift is given to us…we often don’t know what to do…and thus 

We must also learn, with grace, how to receive


Coming home after a North Carolina stay…we’d been driving most of the day

anticipating as to when we would get back

when it was time to make a stop at a little gas station with a shop…

time to rest, gas up and buy some snacks.


With the tank filled up with gas it was time now to amass

snacks we would devour in the car

when we had a quick encounter with the clerk behind the counter

as she noticed in my hand…a candy bar.


She said, “I have a candy bar for lunch…it is a Nestle’s Crunch

but we don’t sell them in this store.”

I said, “Oh what I wouldn’t do for a Nestle’s Crunch bar too.”

as it is also a candy bar that I adore.


She did not lolly gag, she turned, reached in a bag

and in a moment she was finished with her search…

she handed two Nestle’s Crunches to me and said that they were free

she said she gets them when she goes to church.


We offered at once to pay…she said no they’re free today

there is nothing more you need to do

she looked me in the eye…smiled, said goodbye

then said, “Think of it as a gift from me to you.”


We thanked her walked away and then…

we turned and thanked her once again

her smile showed she truly understood

and I think it’s fair to say…that as we drove away


no candy bar I ever ate tasted as good.

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Smell the fragrance in a breeze, from natures blooms in spring

Hear the songs of a new day dawning, by those birds that sing


Feel the anguish in a sunset, as it slowly disappears from site

Or feel the comfort in a sunrise; returning back, to us the light


See the ripples of a stream, brushing past, each new stricture

Follow each new curl and fold, distort the underlying picture


Watch the snowflakes falling, quietly floating to the ground

Turn and twirl, each distinct design, sailing without a sound


Savor the pure essence, of a women’s release of love

Wonder as she gifts this pleasure, what she’s thinking of

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