The first gift we ever received

was a gift no-one had to buy

It was the gift of life…

Have you ever wondered why?


Why was I given this gift?

How did I come to be?

and what did the giver of this gift…have in mind for me?


This gift was also given to the mountains and the seas

to the animals

to the rivers

to the flowers and the trees.


This gift was given freely

asking for nothing in return

So what are we to understand from this?

What are we to learn?


Since we all received the same gift 

perhaps the giver wanted us to see

how we are all connected and meant to live in harmony.


Since one moment we are not here

and the next moment we are living…

perhaps the giver wanted us to see

a gift is in the giving


And perhaps by giving a gift we never asked for

the giver of life suggested

the best gift we can ever give


is a gift that’s un-requested.

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