We received a gift of art yesterday…Art…perhaps on this point the two of us might quibble…you see the art was from a three-year-old…it was a bucket filled with scribbles.


Perhaps it was not art at all…yes…when we see it in a different light…perhaps these were just little notes he took the time to write.


If it is a bucket filled with art or little notes is something we will long discuss…but what makes this bucket special…is he made it just for us.


What’s in that little bucket?…we can spend some time debating it but there is no argument what makes it special…is the time he took creating it.


For the beauty of any handmade gift (we realize as we grow older) lies both in the intention of the artist…as well as the eye of the beholder.

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wolf love


I am your animal


I am the wolf


your hunter and capture of my heart




I will hunt for you


and stay by your side once I have hunted you down




I will bite you


mark you as my own


with my tender nip




If the moon is full


I will howl for you




I become the wolf


for you this night


just to taste the bitter


sweet bite of your blissful kiss




In my wolf skin


I seek your soft touch




I follow the trail


of your slow and steady breath




The pretedar is now the prey




You wrap your arms around me


Captured by your embrace


my heart beats in sync with yours




a wolfs love is the hunters heart




living in the wolf's chest is the quick beat as the heat rises to my cheeks.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first poem I have ever posted public. And agian iv explained this i know its confusing my whole point was for you to choose a side and its how love really is, confusing. and thank you so much for helping me!

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