Just For Fun

Frost lies on my windowsill

From winter's frozen rain

Makes waking up now just too hard

And looking out a pain

Because inside is nice and warm

With coffee or coco

Perhaps I'll just go back to sleep

And dream about the snow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, it's early, but I was thinking of frost and it popped into my mind in a flash. 

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Frost (Day 2)

365 Day Challenge


It’s that time of year once again,


Early in the morning the frost sets in.


By mid-afternoon the sun causes it to subside,


And we are no longer forced to be inside.


The scorching heat has subsided,


And a fall breeze sweeps over the fields and cities.


The cool air brings back memories,


Of younger years and old friends.


I wonder when those days will return,


The stress relieved,


The endless hurry slowed,


When the frost will again set in.

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Mulberry Green

Mother Earth

Mulberry Green

user img


The mulberry tree

drops green leaves

Frost snapped, no

age rainbows

they'll receive


-saiom shriver-

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