Today as I walked under our oak trees a persistent morning breeze coaxed a myriad of leaves from their home amidst the trees.


(For those of you experiencing winter…who think a poem about fallen leaves is just wrong…Remember…I happen to live Florida…where the leaves fall all year long!)


A breeze I could not see but I could feel and hear its sound…caused a multitude of leaves to bid their their limbs adieu and flutter to the ground.


And for a moment I was a child again…I felt innocent and small

as I laid down in the grass (by the way…the best place to watch them fall).


And I found myself thanking the wind and the trees and thanking Mother Nature by her name…for once again reminding me how nothing ever stays the same..


Every day change is occurring right before our eyes…trees lose their leaves, babies are born…new clouds soar across the sky.


The weather changes every day…today it’s warmer…yesterday it was a little colder…and every day, as part of life, we grow a little older.


Since, like the leaves, our days upon this planet are finite…our time on Earth is measured…every second of life should be cherished…every moment treasured.


No moment should be thought too insignificant…

for everywhere there is magic to be found…

like laying in the grass on a breezy morning

and trying to catch some leaves as they flutter to the ground.



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We’ve been blessed with three weeks in the mountains

where every morning at day break

we pick up our walking sticks don our jackets 

and take a walk around the lake.


Blessed to take care of two dogs who not only make our daytime bright

but love to be around us…

and put themselves to bed at night!


Blessed to watch the sun rise buoyed by a morning breeze

Blessed to walk with deer and ants…

with butterflies and bees.


Blessed to watch the beavers whose energy never seems to cease.

Blessed to say good morning to the turtles, ducks and geese.


Blessed to walk among the pines as slow as we may please.

Blessed to hear the wind making music in the trees.


This morning as we walked accompanied by that familiar breeze

we noticed how the leaves have started falling from the trees.


As I watched the leaves cascading down I suddenly became aware…

how this is nature’s way of signifying a change is in the air.


Nature doesn’t broadcast or vociferously proclaim…

She has a quiet, subtle way of showing…

how nothing stays the same.


So as summer begins it’s transformation into fall…

We feel a little bittersweet because we know

our time at the lake is over…

it’s time for us to go. 


And I wonder if memories are like leaves…

they gather on our trees

they stay with us a while then one day…

they drift off on the breeze…


Perhaps that’s the way it’s meant to me…

memories are meant to drift when the Fall winds blow…

reminding us there’s now room on our tree


for more memories to grow.

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