May we be blessed not to lose faith

when a dream we dreamed goes bad…




sometimes in life our dreams that come true

are dreams we never knew we had

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What If?


What if He knocked as a stranger,

Bedraggled and poor,

Would you invite Him in,

Or even open the door?


What if He tapped on your window,

And then peered inside,

Would you rush to clean up.

All you knew you must hide?


What if He whispered to your heart,

Would you even recognize His voice?

Would you close your ears off,

Or would you sing and rejoice?


What if He touched your soul,

With His mighty hand,

Would you turn and run,

Or with Him, would you stand?


What if He gave His own life,

So that you could be free?

Well that's exactly what He did,

On His Cross at Calvary.




Author's Notes/Comments: 
I haven't written a poem in so long, I figured my 'muse' ran away. lol But last night the first stanza of this poem popped in my head and I knew that today I would write the entire thing and I just did.
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Walk ye softly to the light

Leave aback, this world of blight

Acquit thy spirit, from its mortal hold

Soar ye to heaven and behold


In His eyes, He does ye favour

The gifts of heaven ye will savour

Love and peace, life ever after

In the arms, of thy Master

BOEMS by JA 728            

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Where are you going and why are you going there

What is it that’s happening, and why do you care


Why do you go, what is the purpose of your quest

Too, with the mysteries of love and compassion, be blessed


Or to bear witness to a life, put to death, yet who forgave

While you were not there, you ran away; your life to save


By persecution and fear, your faith you spurned

Yet, in the caverns of your mind, it still burned


Your servitude, put in question by your cowardice

Is rewarded only, when you realize, you are powerless


Returning there now, that you’ve been confronted

To spread the word, while being pursued and hunted


Now, why do you go, and of what do you speak

To your death Peter, for those words we all seek

BOEMS BY JA 590      

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I don’t consider myself blasphemous, not a heretic...or odd

When I say you don’t need to be one kind of person…

to have faith in a God.


It shouldn’t matter what God you worship…

what form, what shape, what size,

if that God is kind and loving…

compassionate...and wise.


And fighting over which God is best…

Which God has the holier word…

And killing in the name of God…

Why, isn’t that absurd?


A world of love, a world of peace

A world where every human blends…

A world where people help each other

Is that not what every God intends?


My God, your God, his God, her God…

wouldn’t it be a shame…

If when we finally get to meet him…or her…

all Gods are all the same?


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Painful Faith

A scar in my heart.

 Remember the days of peevishness.

Forget the humble moments of happiness.

Turn the laughter into tears.


Despair I felt blinded my sight.

Deafen my perception.

Numbed my heart.

And caused my faith to stray.


I look in the mirror,

All I can see is reflection.

I look to the door,

All I can see is a path, no direction.


As I watch the sunset and sunrise in the sky,

I asked God some questions and hoping for an answer.

Why I can’t forgive and forget?

Should I go far or stay near?


One day, He whispers me a simple answer.

You must experience bad to know good.

You must love me, yourself, and everyone.

And you must go back to the beginning.


To look forward, not think of the past.

Forget hatred and sadness a ghost of the past.

Smile, look forward to a new day.

Start shining in your own special way.


Then I realize, He is the only one that will never judge me.

I was never been alone, God has always been there for me.

I must persevere in all the things I should embrace.

God assures, in God’s time everything will fall into place.



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