My addiction and nightmare

My mind stays stuck
Focused on fake love
And fuck.
These addictions are an old demon
Pretending to be my friend
With whom much wasted time ive spent.
Its true self disguised so well, until the end.
When its all over and done with,
Then i can see things clearly.
Depressed and tired, then the next minute,
Id do anything to do it again.
I am good at pretending it is okay
I can cover the dirt with frosting,
But the dirt still remains
It stays the same.
The same pain,
It leaves a stain.
I tried to face it,
And it visited me in my dream
The same feeling of being as hopeless
As when under the water drowning.
As i started to wake up, back to reality,
I could feel the nightmare fading,
I started swimming to the surface
Of the ocean i was drowning beneath.
I woke up gasping for air,
As if i wasnt able to breath
While facing the truth of my addictions,
And how far i have sunk beneath.
Maybe i have been dreaming,
And during that nightmare I was awake
And able to see the truth clearly
So i could escape the chains and taste
The beauty of truth as i face the light of day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

just keeping it real. As i talk of my shadow, i am shining a light on it. Being me as a whole. Transcendence.

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Forget these flowers
That refuse to bloom.
Forget these stars
That refuse to shine.

Forget those days
When pain was your life.
Forget those days
When peace was a myth.

Forget all you like,
Promise me this,
You won't forget
To remember.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments Appreciated :)

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