every word

*Every Word Is Meant For You*

February .17. 1997
Trisha M Barrek  Hopkins

No one else but you 
Fill my heart with laughter 
No one else will do 
I know what I was after 
You are the one who should get the token 
For being so true 

I want you to know how I feel 
My search is over 
Knowing I can say our love is real 
You will always be my four leaf clover 


I believe in you 
Someone who believes in dreams 
Someone who believes in love that doesn't end 
Wishing all my thoughts and dreams come true 
I'd never hurt your pride 
My love I would never pretend 


I' glad your the one I found 
My feelings for you I wont hide 
You're the one who turned my life around 
I will always be by your side 


How I really felt
Only if you really knew
You'll always be in my heart 


Every word is meant for you 
I will fight anyone who tries to tare us apart 
Make sure your heart stays free of hatred and becomes true 
Having and keeping friendship is where the love did start



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