The beers arising

Time for change

Put the tool belt down 
And set the Wood aside
Life's about to get wild tonight
Let's lift our glass up to the sky
Drink em down till we pass out
Whoa o o let's go ahead and get crazy now
Tip the glass till we fall down
Whoa o o it's that time of day again
Drinking till we spin round

Let's take a break from this work day
Let's drink a drink and lets make out
Go ahead and Tip your glasses in your mouth
A toast for you a toast for now
Whoa o o I like em light but full of stout
The more we drink the louder we shout
"let raise our glass like we know how and drink em loud and slam them down"
Whoa o o lets go ahead and get crazy
Whoa o o let's go ahead drink right now!!! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drink a drink like you know how :)))

Beer thirty

Time for change

Work all day
Can't sleep at night
Always on my mind
That ice cold beer is in sight

Lazy boy and tv
Crack open that bottle
And to me I shall be me
It's that time again
Time to be free

I only come here
To get that ice cold beer
To sit and unwind
And let go of those tears

It's five o'clock somewhere
But time don't matter to me 
I'll crack open that love juice
To bring me back to reality

Take some down
And pop open another
The more I take in
The less I have to uncover

Let the Truth come out
Pick me up when I'm down
Get a bit flirty
Cause it has become beer thirty!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drink on :)

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