Sticks and stones….

Sticks and stones….

By jfarrell



(I don’t know the origin of the saying, but heard it often growing up)


“Squeal for me, little piggy”

Uncle Brian screamed as he beat us with his belt buckle;

He and his friend raped my cousin and I, aged 5;


“You always were a girl”

My dad screamed (after he heard);

Beat me so bad, I passed out.


“I wish I’d had you aborted….”

You can guess who said this to me;

Though she could hit hard, her tongue always hurt worse.


“Sticks and stones may break my bones,

But names will never hurt me.”

This was a favourite saying of dad’s… as he let loose.



45 years later…

The scars from the beatings have healed up…


But the pain from the names….

And everything associated….

Twists like a knife in my heart, today.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

one of the greatest lies in the world.... along with the licence is in the post and of course i'll still respect you in the morning





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