Fuck 69

Fuck you


Your whole species

is a curse and a blight 


Alien piece of crap 

you spring up like weeds


Quickly you reproduce to contaminate 

the world 


You are a curse

 a blight


A parasite








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Forgive me, but I am unable

Forgive me, but I am unable to connect the title to the rest of the poem. I tried to research for a connection, but as you can imagine all that popped up were porn site recommendations. I imagine this is not what your commentary and frustration is about haha.


My potentially great ignorance to the Title connection aside, this is structurally strong, with power of passion that is aided by the meter and flow. And, a botanist/horticulturalist, I appreciate being exposed to the existence of Kudzu.


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It's a rebuke of inverted

It's a rebuke of inverted devil worshiping people