creation of the world

The Man and the Ocean

It is always in the ceaseless motion
And it was exactly the one, who had it perfectly done!
His name was the powerful ocean
With joy he supported the plan.


We live as we’ve lived and the question of how?
The nature suddenly did us allow,
To possess and to use such a valuable gift
From whom we’ve been fed, and all wisdom conceived.
The questions we’ve had, and still have them now!


You stood on the bridge of this life
With the wonderful rooted idea…
And the doubts which have been left in the rear
Couldn’t reach your unstoppable drive.


For the crafts you’ve been gifted
Nothing seemed to exist,
To create any mist,
Not to let your success to be lifted.


From there, onwards, you went far from earth to the sky,
Like the birds you’ve got wonderful wings,
Like these birds you have finally learned how to fly.
And you rose far above other beings!


With the wonder you went, with the wonder you go
Working hard on these new revelations…
And they stand now revealed by the man, in the row,
Leading us to the other dimensions!


What’s the next in this ceaseless motion?
Can we have it all perfectly done?
And we hope, that the powerful ocean
Still with joy will support our plan!





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The Tiger and the lion

Gerardo Villegas and Sabina López  

Long time ago there was a group of animals that were gods; they lived in the Holy Temple. They were very happy and didn’t have problems between them. One day they decided to create a beautiful place in which they could share their happiness to other living things. The idea was that every animal had to turn their selves to mortals and became a part of the place in order to accomplish their mission.

They needed something that could give light and heat to the place they called Earth,   and something else that could create life in this place. The roles were given to each animal and everyone was satisfied with the idea, except for the tiger.

The tiger didn’t agree with this because he didn’t want to lose his immortality, so he started to cause trouble with the other animals and caused fear in them. The Lion started to calm down the others and he went to talk to the tiger.

“Why are you annoyed with this whole idea?”, said the Lion.

“I don’t want to sacrifice a part of me to give it to someone else”, said the Tiger.

“As gods we cannot be selfish and you are only thinking about yourself. We have to look for the welfare of the others and share what we have” said the Lion.

“You say that because, you will become the most important element for the Earth” the Tiger said.

They continued arguing for hours and hours but the Tiger didn’t change his opinion.  He began to be jealous about the Lion because he was named as the leader of the group. One day when he was alone, he started to think how he could avoid the creation of the Earth; he would have to kill the Lion.

When the animals were having a peaceful reunion about the details of the new place,  they decided to exclude the Tiger even though he was going to be the only god alive. They told this to the tiger but his anger became bigger and ferociously attacked the Lion .The Lion was hurt and nobody was able to help him, so the Lion gave the order to start the creation of the Earth, every animal in the Holy Temple were ready and they started the creation. The tiger couldn’t support anymore his anger, so with the power of the other animals they became him the darkness of the night. The Lion started to heal and by the next day he became the sun who would shine day by day.

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