Edward Iacona 




For thousands of years many believe
And hold fast to their opinion
That the twelve star signs rule our lives
And hold us within their dominion.


Through complicated calculations
Shiny points of night light above
Reveal our traits and future lives
And can tell us who we should love.


We can wonder if we’re compatible.
That is an astrologer’s task.
And, as many things in life,    
It depends how and whom you ask.


Some will say "Yes." and some "No."
Or, “If there’s effort and really tries.”
But my astral guide to love is this,
The stars in each others eyes.


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Love is like a comfortable pair of slippers.

True love
is like a comfortable pair of slippers
they go together
but never quite fit
but have room to give and grow
when lived in.

They get worn over time
but are so hard to throw away
because they are comfortable
and no longer a pair on their own

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First published 2010.

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