The meaning of true love

Love is like a comfortable pair of slippers.

True love
is like a comfortable pair of slippers
they go together
but never quite fit
but have room to give and grow
when lived in.

They get worn over time
but are so hard to throw away
because they are comfortable
and no longer a pair on their own

Peter Dome.copyright.2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First published 2010.

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Sex and having sex is not making love,
As most of this wolrd thinks:
Love is love and sex is sex,
Two opposite shores, two distant brinks.
Love cannot be made for its truth has,
Always been there even before man;
It is from love everything was made,
And lofty it has been before time began.
How Satan, the sworn enemy of Adam,
Eve and their children has led many astray!
How he and his seed are having fun,
By deceiving and luring all goodness away,
From men and women who are on the run...
On the run to fulfil lust and vain desires,
Greedy and with their minds gone haywire:
Love is God, God is Love, and love is Christ,
Love is God's Word and love are His chosen,
Moses and Jacob, Muhammad and Abraham.
I am the rebel who dares to defy and fight,
The devil and his legions, with all my might,
With God in me and always on my side,
I say with conviction God-Love is my Guide.
No one can make love for love creates all,
And it will be love saving us from the Fall.
Temptation led to the downfall of Adam and Eve,
Via the web of sex which Satan did weave.
The union of a man and a woman in tune with God's Will,
Is love -- not to be confused with Lucifer's evil.
Sex is carnal while love is spiritual,
One so short-lived, the other eternal.
(Written by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay. Posted on July 06, 2011).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Christ and Muhammad are God's messengers and His prophets (May peace be upon all of them).
Sex is carnal, love is spiritual while the union of a loving man and woman in holy matrimony is according to the Will of God and a bond of affinity which is blessed by Him and all His angels and chosen ones, known and unknown.

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