What inventions have had the biggest impact on my life?

This is a question I was recently posed

and I didn’t have to think a lot about it before this answer I composed.


I didn’t need to mull the question over…

didn’t need to give it too much thought

because I realized almost immediately

The best inventions are the ones that can’t be bought.


There are many inventions that make my life more effortless…

that make it easier for me.

There’s electricity, the light bulb, the phone the computer

the car, the radio, running water and TV.


I’m sure I’m leaving others out…

I’m sure there are many more

more inventions that make my life much easier 

than my ancestors who came before.


But I’d like to thank whoever invented love and kindness 

and the capacity to care…

whoever invented generosity, decency and the ability to share.


Certainly man-made inventions have made my life easier

but the invention of friendship, the invention of the smile….

the invention of love and kindness and caring…

they have made my life worthwhile. 


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Who are you?

There are two different types of people.

Those who are, and those who are not.

If you are kind

If you act without affecting others.

If you are patient.

Then you are in this world.

If you act that you are.

If you act to raise your image.

If you fight for what’s right.

You are not in this world.

Those who are, are not better.

Those who are not, are not "good".

We are all humans after all.

Some of us exist, others do not.

Those who help care.

Those who fight loose.

It matters why you do.


Who are you?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm just practicing my writing, any tips would be appreciated. 

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